Salomon Muci, professionally known as LOSH is a Venezuelan club DJ and music producer based in Philadelphia. His passion for music began early in his live at the age of nine, throughout his childhood he explored the world of music and learned to play several instruments. At the age of sixteen he chose to become a DJ.

As a future house DJ and producer LOSH has been supported by several major artists like Sam Feldt, Robin Schulz, Victor Porfidio and many more. He has also been featured on top line music blogs such as YourEDM, EDMTunes, LaTropical, and many more.

During the past year LOSH has made an important impact on social media and digital music platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and many more. With only one year in the industry under the name LOSH, he has reached more than 2 million streams across alternative music platforms, and his latest release “Echoes of Tomorrow” still sits on the top 10 charts on selected radio stations in South America. There seems to be no limited for the young producer LOSH as he gets everything ready for important releases in 2017.