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About us

Founded in 2010, Braslive Entertainment has been instrumental in transforming the music industry, focusing on the growth and success of artists and music executives. Starting as a one-person endeavor, the company has evolved into a dynamic team of over 20 professionals. A notable achievement of Braslive is managing the first Brazilian DJ to perform on the main stage at Tomorrowland Belgium and significantly boosting the international profile of several Brazilian DJs. Braslive's collaborations with labels such as Universal, Warner, SONY, Spinnin', STMPD, Armada, and Revealed highlight its extensive network and adeptness in navigating the record industry. The company has been key to the success of prominent dance music initiatives, particularly Dawn Patrol by Maz and Antdot, who achieved the number one and two positions, respectively, as the best-selling Afro House artists on Beatport. Moreover, Braslive has developed a comprehensive 360-degree service model. With an in-house team specialized in artist management, record label operations, publishing, marketing, public relations, and business management, Braslive adeptly oversees and manages every aspect of an artist's career, ensuring comprehensive success in the music business.

About us

Our Services

  • Record Label & Publishing

    Record Label & Publishing

    Handles all aspects of releasing the artist's songs, offering options through our own labels or by creating an independent record label for the artist. This empowers artists to own their masters and control their release schedules, ensuring artistic freedom and independence from external A&R decisions. In publishing, we ensure the artist's music is properly registered with PROs globally, collecting royalties efficiently. We also report all concerts of the artist to secure public performance rights, maximizing their earnings from live performances.

  • License & Clearance

    License & Clearance

    Manages the legal aspects of obtaining authorization from record labels, publishing companies, songwriters, and intellectual property owners in general to officially distribute and monetize original songs, remixes, and cover versions.

  • Artist Management

    Artist Management

    Centers on developing deep, professional and personal relationships with artists to support every aspect of their careers. Offers comprehensive management services that include guiding career development, strategic planning, and overseeing daily operations. Fosters artistic freedom and personal growth, helping artists navigate the complexities of the music industry. Ensures artists have the necessary tools and guidance for successful career trajectories, from navigating contracts to identifying opportunities for growth and exposure.

  • Marketing & PR

    Marketing & PR

    Focuses on understanding each artist's unique personality, music style and vision. Creates marketing plans tailored to the artist's identity. Implements ads on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to increase visibility and audience connection. Handles media relations for organic exposure and plans strategic paid promotions in key music channels. Manages daily social media activities, ensuring content aligns with the artist's authentic persona.

  • Business Management

    Business Management

    Specializes in overseeing the financial, legal, and accounting aspects of an artist's career. Ensures robust financial management focusing on long-term stability and success. Supervises intricate legal agreements and precise accounting practices, providing a strong foundation for the artist's business dealings. This division serves as a pillar of fiscal responsibility, safeguarding artists' financial interests and enabling them to focus on their creative endeavors.


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  • Av. das Américas 2480 – Bloco 4 – Room 225 Rio de Janeiro/RJ

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